One of the best 16mm camera ever built! Very reliable! Features 180 degrees mirror reflex shutter, adjustable 10X magnifying eyepiece, three-lens divergent turret, registration pin film movement, special stainless steel hard chrome plated film gate, quick start, variable 8V or constant speed motor, easily interchangeable, rheostat, tachometer registering from 0 to 50 frs per second, frame counter, forward and reverse switch, release button with lock. Camera takes daylight-load spools of 100ft. single or double perforated film. Accepts optional 200ft or 400ft magazines, Accepts sync, animation, time study motors.








Arriflex 16S with Angenieux 12-120mm, V/S motor, 2x400ft mags, Battery, Charger: $ 3795.00

Same package as above but with 3 prime lenses: $ 3995.00





The ARRIFLEX 16BL designed to be use with a 400ft magazines has long been a standard production camera for 16mm sync sound filming. Combining the features of light weight, compact design and quiet operation with the ARRI reputation of ruggedness and reliability, the 16BL can take any job, even hand-held work! Camera features 180 degrees mirror-shutter, reflex viewfinder with TV ground glass and separate auto-closure eyepiece. Bayonet lock lens mount. Accepts multi-speed crystal motor. Available with blimped Zeiss 10-100mm or 12-120mm Angenieux.


Arriflex 16BL with Angenieux 12-120mm in blimp, 2x400 mags, matte box, battery, charger, crystal unit, cable, case: $ 5995.00

Same as above with new Tobin 5-speed crystal sync unit: $ 6695.00






The 16SR is the top of the line 16mm, sync-sound camera system from ARRI. Provides outstanding image quality-gives to the cinematographera compact and refined tool for filming-and accepts a full line of ARRIFLEX accessories. The 16SR system: equally suited to studio, location, and documentary production. 24, 25 or 30 frs crystal speed, 180 degrees mirror shutter, modular construction, and symmetrical viewing orientation for left or right operation. Viewfinder adjustable in 3 axes.Accepts Carl Zeiss/ARRIFLEX high speed bayonet prime lenses-Standard bayonet prime lenses-bayonet zoom lenses. Low operationg noise level: 22+2db(A). Video assist (when using T-bar viewfinder). The claw and pin movement provides picture steadiness better than 1/1250 of the frame height! A really great camera!

Arriflex SRI with Zoom Lens 2x400mags, 2 onboard batteries, charger, right handgrip, case: $ 8395.00

Arriflex SRI ( German) with Zoom Lens 2x400 mags, 2 onboard baterries, charger and case: $ 10,195.00

Arriflex SRII with 10-100mm Zeiss, 2x400 mags, 2 onboard batteries, charger, right hangrip and case: $ 14,750.00

Arriflex SRII with 10-100mm T*2, 3x400ft mags, 2 onboard batteries, charger, right handgrip, speed control,case 18,450.00

Arriflex SRII SUPER 16, 2x400 mags, 2 onboard batteries,charger, right handgrip,case: $ 18,000.00


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